Story of V&B Recruitment

Welcome to our V&B Recruitment agency based in Romania, Bucharest, represented by 2 persons coming from the artistic field who lived and experimented the artistic life from 2 different views.

The V of V&B is being represented by Vincenzo, an Italian and passionate man, that thanks to his 12 years expertise on board of CRUISE SHIP as stage manager, he is continuing the dream with this agency.

The B of V&B is represented by Beatrice, an former performance dancer who achieved great results In competitions.

Being in the artistic field ourselves, we are aware of the high demand of great performance and our basic offer is always to give high performance and high quality of artist.

V&B Recruitment it’s recruiting artistic profiles and technicians for the theaters on CRUISE SHIPS. We are collaborating with productions themes and we arrived, thanks to our proffessionality, to a very big number of artist, in a very small time.

V&B recruitment it’s always searching new collaboration with best companys, all over the world.

“Your satisfaction is our best prize!”